Tuesday, January 5, 2016

How to go into the future?Probably need to get to a place where time would be going slower than where we live, and then to get out of this place. We are looking for a simple expression, taking into account time, space and gravity. The height is equal to the product of the gravitational constant and the square of the time and it's all divided in half. How do we find the time equal to the square root of two heights divided by the gravitational constant.
That is, the lower the slower flowing time. Examples.

SOLDIERS FROM THE PASTIn the annals of the XVII century describes an amazing story. In 1621, at the gates of the royal palace in Kolomenskoye suddenly appeared a small detachment of Tartar horsemen. After they captured archers, riders said that they - the warriors of Khan Devlet Giray, whose troops were trying to capture Moscow in 1571, but were defeated. Hoping to escape pursuit, cavalry detachment in her voice down a ravine, shrouded in a dense fog. The Tartars were there, it seemed like a few minutes, and emerged only after 50 years. One of the prisoners said that the fog was unusual, gleaming greenish color, but in fear of pursuit of this, no one paid attention. Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich ordered to inflict inquiry, which showed that the Tatars are likely to tell the truth. Even their weapons and equipment are no longer consistent with the armament of the time, but more like the legacy of the mid of the XVI century.

In the documents of the police department of the Moscow province of the XIX century there are cases of the disappearance of the mysterious inhabitants of the neighboring villages. Two of the peasants of the village Gardeners, Arkhipov Kuzmin Ivan Bochkarev, missing even in 1810, suddenly appeared in ... 1831! They said that back home at night from a neighboring village and decided to pass the Voice ravine, though this place was considered "unclean." At the bottom of the valley swirled thick fog, which suddenly appeared some "corridor filled with light whitish"! The peasants went there and met the overgrown hair of people who have tried to show them the signs way back. The peasants continued their journey and came to the village, they saw their wives and children, the aged twenty years. The police intervened. At the insistence of the investigators in the ravine we conducted an experiment in which one of the peasants once again disappeared into the mist and did not return back. Another saw it, fell into depression and later committed suicide. This event is described in the newspaper "Moscow News" from 07.09.1832 year. Documents Police Department Moscow province relating to Kolomna parish for the period 1825-1917 gg., Have repeatedly noted cases of mysterious disappearances among villagers Kolomenskoye, Djakovo, Gardeners and Novelties.

So you need to go down into the ravine and into the green mist. The miners go down and come back every day. So you need some more distorting conditions of strong temporary space. Why green mist may occur, we believe that under the ravine occur periodically flow or ebb of heavy material, which changes the gravitational field in a ravine, and thus there is green mist.
Going down to the lowland, and went into a fog, you can go for the rest of the people in 50 years.

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  1. Described as a little step in the future of the site http://hfilipen-stavki.blogspot.com.by
    if you get to a place where time flows more slowly, it is possible for the rest of the world appear after age 20. But to get to the past will not work due to the fact that in a place where time is running fast in the best possible return to the world almost unchanged and looking much older.